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Electrical safety legislation and publications

Legislative electrical safety functions under the following legislation.

Codes and other documentation

Electrical Safety Management Scheme Development Specifications v2.0 Dec 2017
(PDF, 451.3 KB)

ID: | Date: 01/2015

Occupational Licensing (Fit and Proper) Code of Practice 2010
(PDF, 146.5 KB)

To be granted and retain a licence under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005, a contractor and practitioner as well as others involved, must be fit and proper.

ID: COP017 | Date: 12/2010

Occupational Licensing (Supervision of Prescribed Work) Code of Practice 2010
(PDF, 247.9 KB)

This code sets minimum standards for the supervision of those required to be supervised in the performance of prescribed work.

ID: COP016 | Date: 12/2010

Occupational Licensing (Electrical Safety Inspection Service Exemption) Order 2013
(PDF, 294.6 KB)

Exemption of TechSafe from holding a contractor licence in Tasmania for the purposes of performing their inspection duties.

ID: RD015 | Date: 05/2013