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Electrical safety audits and inspections

Auditing of electrical work and the associated electrical safety systems is performed to help ensure the electrical safety legislative obligations are being met and the appropriate standards of work are being applied by electrical licence holders.

Download Occupational Licensing (Standards of Electrical Work) Code of Practice 2017 (pdf, 718.5 KB)


Electrical Contractor Audits

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) conducts periodical audits of electrical contractors and their administration of the electrical work they perform, to ensure

  • the legislative obligations with recording, certification and notification of electrical work are implemented.

Where non compliance issues are identified, remedial actions are applied.

Download Fact Sheet - Information for Electrical Contractors and Nominated Managers (pdf, 188.5 KB)

Electrical Safety Management Scheme (ESMS) Audits

Audits are conducted of approved schemes to ensure the scheme is implemented and applied as detailed in the schemes approval. Any identified non compliance is managed to ensure remedial actions are applied.


Electrical Safety Inspection Service (ESIS)

The Electrical Safety Inspection Service (ESIS) inspects a percentage of all notified electrical work. This is similar to an audit of the actual electrical work that has been performed, to ensure the electrical work performed by the licensed practitioner, meets the standard of electrical work requirements.

Electrical Safety Inspection Service

The Electrical Safety Inspection Service monitors the compliance of electrical work against the standards of electrical work requirements through the inspection of notified electrical work.

TechSafe Australia Pty Ltd is contracted to provide the Electrical Safety Inspection Service to the Department of Justice.

Download Electrical safety inspections: TechSafe Australia (PDF, 777 KB, 2 pages) GB323

The TechSafe electrical compliance inspectors are appointed as Authorised Officers under the:

Where defective or substandard electrical work is identified, the Authorised Officer ensures the installation is safe or made safe, and initiates rectification work through issuing a notice to the person responsbile for the work or the owner of the installation, if the person responsible for the electrical work can not be identified.

Download Occupational Licensing (Classification of Electrical Work) Determination 2016 (PDF, 270.6 KB)

Where unsafe electrical infrastructure or installation is identified, the Authorised Officer will ensure the infrastructure or installation is made safe and initiate rectification work through issuing a notice to the owner of the infrastructure or installation.

TechSafe Australia Pty Ltd contact details and address for the notification of electrical work and submission of the Certification of Electrical Compliance, are for;

  • The Southern region;
    • Unit 1/2 Jannah Court, Mornington
    • PO Box 1666 Mornington 7018
    • Phone 03 6282 3100
    • Fax 03 6244 6305
  • The Northern region;
    • Tenant B 71 to 79 Galvin St, South Launceston
    • PO Box 667 Launceston 7250
    • Phone 03 6345 5100
    • Fax 03 6343 1634
  • The North West region;
    • Tenant 4, 28 Reibey St, Ulverstone
    • PO Box 447 Ulverstone 7315
    • Phone 03 6425 2079
    • Fax 03 6425 7915