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Electrical incidents and accidents

Electric shocks

Electric shocks, tingles off taps and the like, indicate there is a problem with the electrical installation or supply. If this is not reviewed by an electrical inspector or the network service provider, you or someone else could die.

Report all electric shocks by phone on 13 2004, which will initiate an inspection to identify the cause and rectification of the problem.

Electrical incident and accidents

In addition to the work, health and safety legislative requirement to notifying all workplace accidents to WorkSafe, there are specific requirements to notify and report serious electrical accidents, under the Electricity Industry Safety and Administration Act 1997, whether the accident occured in a workplace or not.

A serious electrical accident is one which involves:

  • electrocution;
  • electric shock that causes temporary or permanent disability or to require medical attention: or
  • electricity that produces a burn serious enough to cause temporary or permanent disability or to require medical attention.

Serious electrical accidents in Tasmania, must be:

  • notified to the Secretary, as soon as practicable, by phone on 1300 366 322 or wstinfo@justice.tas.gov.au
  • fully reported in writing to the Secretary, within 21 days of the accident, containing details of the accident, the reasons for the accident and any remedial actions needed: and
  • the site of a serious electrical accident must not be interfered with, unless it is necessary to provide medical or other assistance, to protect life or property, or an authorised officer permits.

Notification and reporting to WorkSafe is deemed to meet the requirements under the Act.

Electrical safety and bushfires

Bush fires can create electric shock hazards and risks; through damaged electrical power lines, wiring in buildings and electrical appliances.