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Complaints about a building practitioner

It is important that you talk to us and discuss your complaint with Consumer, Building and Occupational Services Dispute Resolution and Compliance staff before you lodge a complaint.

How to lodge a complaint

  • A formal complaint must be in writing
  • Provide details of the complaint and evidence to support each element of the complaint you are making
  • The complaint must be accompanied by a statutory declaration
  • You can make the complaint on the standard form available from the Consumer, Building and Occupational Services Compliance Unit

Please note:

As the complaint process is a disciplinary process under a code of conduct, the Director is unable to:

  • resolve contractual disputes;
  • order a refund or compensation; or 
  • order the return of progress payments

The complaint process

Once a complaint is lodged with the Director of Building Control, the complaint will go through an initial assessment process.

The initial assessment includes:

  • referral for alternative dispute resolution, if we think that may help
  • request for further information;
  • acceptance of the complaint for investigation; or
  • a complaint may be dismissed at this point by the Director if it appears to be lacking in substance.

If the complaint is accepted, the Building Practitioner will be notified and sent a copy of the complaint along with any documents included.

An investigation will be undertaken as soon as practicable and both parties will be notified of the outcome of the investigation. The Building Practitioner will be provided with details of appeal rights.

Outcome of complaint/investigation

Upon completion of an investigation, the Director will make a decision as to whether a practitioner is guilty or not guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct.  If found guilty, a range of penalties can be imposed. Penalties include;

  • caution or reprimand the practitioner
  • impose an appropriate condition upon the practitioner’s licence
  • direct the practitioner to complete a course or training
  • direct the practitioner to report on their practice
  • impose a building order directing the practitioner to carry out certain works at their expense
  • impose a fine
  • suspend or cancel the practitioner's licence.

If a practitioner's licence is suspended or cancelled, the Director also has the authority to publish the details relating to that suspension or cancellation.

The Building Practitioner has a right to appeal the Director's decision.