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Appeals for building or plumbing work

The jurisdiction of the Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal (RMPAT) includes appeals and applications under the Building Act 2016 or certain other legislation.

Matters about which you may apply to RMPAT for review include decisions with respect to any of the following permits:

  • building permit;
  • plumbing permit;
  • demolition permit;
  • permit of substantial compliance;
  • occupancy permit;
  • temporary occupancy permit.

Permit work

You may appeal against:

  • a refusal, or failure, to grant an application for the permit in accordance with this Act; or
  • a requirement to provide further information under this Act in respect of the application; or
  • if the permit is capable of being extended, a refusal to extend the permit as requested; or
  • any condition imposed on the permit other than a condition that must be imposed on the permit under the Building Act 2016.

Notifiable work

You may appeal against:

  • a refusal, or failure, to grant a certificate in respect of the work; or
  • a refusal of a building surveyor or permit authority, as applicable, to accept a certificate of completion in respect of the work.

Other appeals

You may also appeal against:

  • Protection work (including compensation, emergency protection work, expenses of protection work and party walls)
  • Decisions by a building surveyor (including granting a Certificate of Likely Compliance, or a Certificate of Substantial Compliance)
  • Decisions by a permit authority
  • A change of building surveyor
  • Application of the general fire regulations
  • Whether provisions of the Building Code of Australia or the Tasmanian Plumbing Code apply or may be modified
  • A requirement to do plumbing work required under the Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2008 or the Drains Act 1954
  • Decisions by the council under the Strata Titles Act 1998
  • Request for exemption from provision of the Disability Access requirements for buildings

For further information on how you go about requesting a review of a decision you should contact RMPAT.