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Building regulatory framework

As of 1 January 2017 Tasmania introduced new laws regulating:

  • building and plumbing work;
  • licensing of people in the building industry; and
  • residential building contracts.

The Building Act takes a risk-based approach to building approvals so

  • low risk building,
  • plumbing and demolition work, and
  • some medium risk work

can be done without seeking a building permit from the Council.

Fact sheets

If you are planning to do some building work, read the 

Fact Sheet - Consumer Guide - Low Risk Building and Plumbing Work (pdf, 171.9 KB)
to find out what you can do without getting a Council permit.

Fact Sheet - Sheds and similar structures - Building Act 2016 (pdf, 196.0 KB)
explains what you can build as an owner, and when you need to engage a licensed builder.

Fact Sheet - Essential Building Services - Building Act 2016 (pdf, 180.0 KB)
explains changes to using Form 56 and maintenance requirements for new and existing building work.

An owner builder can also build a shed on their property. The Occupational Licensing (Building Services Work) Determination (pdf, 61.5 KB) has been updated to reflect this (8 February 2017).

Additional information

Building categories

Legislation and publications

Residential building contracts

FAQs on the Building legislation