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Notifiable building work

Work that is considered to be medium risk does not need approval from the council, but the council’s permit authority will be notified that it is happening, so the council will still know what’s going on in its own backyard.

The building surveyor will assess the work to make sure it’s going to be compliant with Tasmanian legislation and the National Construction Code, and then authorise the work to proceed. The building surveyor will send the Certificate of Likely Compliance, along with the proposed design, to the Permit Authority for filing. There will be a filing fee payable by the owner at this point.

This medium risk work is referred to as “Notifiable building work”.

Notifiable building work includes:

  • Class 1a kit home (single storey only) in appropriate soil classification
  • Larger sheds, garages, carports
  • Decks, boundary walls, fences, tanks, swimming pool
  • Class 1a building which is standardised and fits within the Planning Directive 4.1 (for example, a standard three bedroom house from one of the major building companies)
Director's Determination Categories of Building and Demolition Work (pdf, 489.6 KB)