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Building administration fee

In addition to local government building and plumbing fees and charges, councils also collect a Building administration fee and a Building and Construction Industry Training Levy on behalf of government bodies.  

  • The Building Administration Fee (BAF) is administered by Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS)
  • The Industry Training Levy is administered by the Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board (TBCITB)

The Building Administration Fee (previously known as the Building Permit Levy) was introduced on 1 January 2017 with the commencement of the Building Act 2016.  Further information relating to the BAF can be found in Part 21, Division 1 of the Building Act 2016.

  • The BAF is payable on work costing $20,000 or more
  • It applies to building and demolition work and any associated plumbing work
  • The rate of the fee is then calculated as 0.1% of the total cost of that work
  • This fee is paid into a State Government Building Administration Fund for development of a better regulatory environment for Tasmania’s building industry.

Knowing the difference

To understand the difference between the Building Administration Fee and the Industry Training Levy, see:

Your BAF obligations

To understand your obligations regarding the Building Administration Fee see:

BAF fee return certificate calculator

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