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Changes to Determinations and Forms

The Director of Building Control has approved changes to some Determinations and Approved forms. These are important regulatory documents made under the Building Act 2016.

These changes affect:

  • licensed building services providers (builders,designers and building surveyors)
  • permit authorities
  • licensed plumbers.

The changes to the Determinations and Approved Forms apply from 1 August 2017.  This gives industry and councils time to adjust their computer systems and forms.

Determinations revised and reissued dated 1 July 2017

  1. Director's Determination - Categories of Building or Demolition Work - v1.3 July 2017 (pdf, 488.8 KB)
  2. Director's Determination - Categories of Plumbing Work - v1.1 July 2017 (pdf, 1.2 MB)
  3. Director's Specified List - v1.1 July 2017
    (pdf, 1.3 MB)
  4. Director's Determination - Maintenance of Essential Building Services - v1.1 July 2017
    (pdf, 208.5 KB)
  5. Director's Determination - Application of Requirements for Building in Bushfire-Prone Areas - v1.1 July 2017
    (pdf, 195.6 KB)

New Determinations

  1. Director's Determination - Short or Medium Term Visitor Accommodation - v1.0 July 2017
    (pdf, 155.7 KB)
  2. Director's Determination on Function Control Authorities - v1.0 (pdf, 383.5 KB)

Determinations are available in PDF format. PDF's need a PDF reader to be viewed.

The following approved forms will apply from 1 August 2017.


PDF's need a PDF reader to be viewed.

Approved forms

Form number Form title
1. Application for Demolition Permit - Certificate of likely compliance - Notice of Work (DOCX, 36.2 KB)
2. Application for Building Permit - Certificate of likely compliance - Notice of Work (DOCX, 38.6 KB)
3. Application for Plumbing Permit - Certificate of likely compliance - Notice of Work (DOCX, 34.4 KB)
6. Notice for Proposed Protection Work (DOCX, 33.0 KB)
9. Application  for Permit of Substantial Compliance (DOCX, 29.4 KB)
11A. Certificate of Likely Compliance - Building Work (DOCX, 35.5 KB)
11C. Certificate of Likely Compliance - Demolition Work (DOCX, 29.1 KB)
19. Certificate of Likely Compliance - Plumbing Work and Plumbing Permit (DOCX, 35.2 KB)
20. Certificate of Completion - Building Work (DOCX, 32.5 KB)
21. Certificate of Completion - Plumbing Work (DOCX, 29.9 KB)
35. Certificate of Responsible Designer (DOCX, 39.6 KB)
39. Start Work Notification and Authorisation - Building Work (DOCX, 30.7 KB)
42. Request for Report from Environmental Health Officer (DOCX, 29.9 KB)
46. Schedule of Maintenance - Prescribed Features (DOCX, 56.0 KB)
55.Certificate of Qualified Person - Assessable Item (DOCX, 28.4 KB)
60. Start Work Notification and Authorisation - Plumbing Work (DOCX, 30.1 KB)
70. Certificate of Completion - Demolition Work (DOCX, 33.4 KB)
71A. Standard of Work Certificate - Building Work (DOCX, 32.2 KB)
71B. Standard of Work Certificate - Plumbing Work (DOCX, 33.4 KB)
71.C Standard of Work Certificate - Demolition Work (DOCX, 32.5 KB)
76A. Application for Extension of Duration of Building Permit (DOCX, 31.9 KB)
76C. Application for Extension of Duration of Demolition Permit (DOCX, 31.2 KB)
80. Notification of Low Risk Work (Building or Plumbing) (DOCX, 32.9 KB)

  • For Notifiable building work, clarification that the building surveyor must provide the Permit Authority with:
    • the Certificate of Likely Compliance AND
    • documents that were assessed by the building surveyor AND
    • a copy of the Notice of Work.
  • Clarification that building design requirements of Schedule 1 apply to Notifiable building work and Permit building work
  • Change to Schedule 2 items (in Part 3) concerning documents for designing on-site wastewater management systems
  • Insertion of a new Schedule 3 concerning the standards of 'As Constructed' plans of plumbing work.

Why were changes made to the Determination?

The Building Act 2016 has been in operation for 6 months. CBOS has received feedback on:

  • the interpretation of the Determinations on Categories of Work
  • deficiencies in scope of the types of work; and
  • clarification of applicable limitations.

In May 2017 reference groups met and considered a range of changes to the Determinations on Building and Plumbing Categories of Work.

The reference groups were made up of representatives of the plumbing, technical, industry associations and local government sectors.

Why were changes made to the Approved Forms?

CBOS received feedback indicating there were too many forms. A need to streamline the process was identified to help avoid duplication. Draft changes to the forms were circulated to industry and councils in April 2017.