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Change of Name

Who can register a change of name?

An adult can register a change of their name if:

  • they are a resident of Tasmania (evidence of at least 12 months residence must be provided to establish this); or
  • their birth is registered in Tasmania

Parents can register a change of name for their child if:

  • the child is a resident of Tasmania (evidence of at least 12 months residence must be provided to establish this, unless the Registrar approves an exception); or
  • the child's birth is registered in Tasmania
    Note: Children between the age of 12 and 18 must also complete a consent form.

Any person born outside Tasmania must supply a birth certificate.  If born overseas you will also need to provide evidence of citizenship or permanent residency in Australia.

Can one parent apply to change a child's name?

Consent of both parents is required to change a child's name.  One parent can make application if they are the sole parent named on the child's birth record.  Where a parent's whereabouts are unknown or they refuse to consent to the change of name, a Court Order approving the change of name is required.

Do I need to register a change of name when I marry?

Change of name after marriage is done as a matter of custom not law.  You can apply to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State in which your marriage occurred for an official marriage certificate as evidence of a name change.

How do I register a change of name?

Applicants will need to:

Please note: A child's consent is required if the child is aged 12 years and over.  A signed consent form must accompany the Statutory Declaration for Change of Name application.

Following registration of a change of name the applicant will receive a Change of Name Certificate.  You can get a replacement certificate by:

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